Live #ChexN with LSB Friday, October 12th!

10/12/12 Live Twitterview! #LSBChexN 8:00pm, EST

You’ve heard ’em  and now you can meet ’em…..or at least “tweet-’em”!

Join us on Twitter October 12th @ 8:00pm, EST as we ChexN with The Liquor Store Bandits out of St. Louis, MO. 

We’re going to be tweeting with @LiquorStoreBand about their careers, what’s next for the group and what’s up with the music scene in the STL. So, spread the word and join the convo!

Follow @165SoundChex and Use hastag: #LSBChexN to ask questions and shout out some love to the group!

We might even be able to get Kid Vibe and the PaleFace Junkies to holla at us! We’ll see…

Mark your calendars and spread the word! Remember, it’s all about supporting the music!


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