Janis Joplin Remixed Featuring Apsylon

I get music in my inbox everyday from independent artists around the world. This is not me complaining; I love it! I love hearing different music, different voices, new sounds, new expressions….it breaks up the monotony of it all. So keep sending them! I’m listening 🙂 Especially when I come across a artist/group/band that completely blows me away, like I did yesterday.

Yesterday I received a email (that almost got lost in spam) about a band named Apsylon. Something about the name told me that this wasn’t your ordinary band. And I was right. With information about the band came a mini press release about their latest project.

The release read: “Previously unreleased material from the Pearl sessions has been recently discovered, including an alternate take of the song “Move Over”, written by Janis Joplin. Move Over Remix contains these alternate Janis Joplin vocals, and showcases newly recorded instrument tracks by Apsylon.”

First of all, Janis Joplin anything is going to get my attention. I mean, it’s JANIS JOPLIN! How can anyone not like Janis? I mean, if you don’t…..seriously….I have no words for you……period.

Janis Joplin

If you are not familiar with Janis Joplin’s album Pearl, it was her last album. Pearl was released by Columbia Records in 1971, a year after Joplin died. The album went to #1 and is certified quadruple platinum. If you’ve never heard Pearl, or any Janis Joplin song, you gotta do it!

Honestly, I don’t care what type of music you like, Janis was one of those that transcended it all. Coincidentally, the first Joplin song I heard was ‘Move Over’. My brother Gene (Geno, as we affectionately call him) was bumping the song in his Chevy Nova one day in the drive way, while washing his car. Geno was my groovy older brother. He played the guitar, wore the highest stacks, had the biggest bells in his slacks, and was laid back and quite. He was also the one who was up on all the latest music. Everybody in the hood knew it. If Gene was playing it, it was hot!

And Geno was playing Janis Joplin. When I asked him who it was, he showed me the album cover. To my surprise, her voice didn’t match her face. Keeping it totally real, I could have sworn a black woman was singing. Janis had that deep, raspy, soul and blues voice that was awesome and totally unique to her.


After learning more about Janis, and listening to more of her music, I “got” her. She and I could have totally been friends! The voice, the person and the music all fit…this was Janis Joplin.

Now after 40 years, the same Joplin song I heard for the first time,“Move Over“, has been remixed and released with the background tracks of the band Apsylon. Originating in Europe, the band is comprised of  three extraordinary musicians and one hell of a vocalist!

If I could describe Apsylon in one word, it would be sexy.  Three words, sexy…as…hell! The band mixes rock, jazz, classical and celtic folk to create their own unique sound. I would also throw a little blues in there too. That mix of sounds is not exactly what some of you would call sexy, but I guarantee once you hear their music, sexy is going to be the first word on your mind and/or out your mouth!

Apsylon’s uniqueness does not stop at their musical influences. The band it’s self is a unique organism. Apsylon is comprised of a drummer, flutist, cellist and a vocalist. That’s unique! And each member is renowned in his/her instrument world wide.

The members are Tedy Madl, drums; Jenny Brooks, flute; Peggy Baldwin, cello, and Marissa Mendenhall on vocals. Marissa’s powerful vocals in no way over power the seemingly delicate musical instruments. Each sound is distinctly heard. You can tell each musician is well trained. The name of their latest album is “Dreaming Of Yesterday” and you can find it on their site, http://www.apsylon.com. 

The Remix

Remixes can be scary because they can totally wreck a perfectly good song. But Apsylon’s instrumental tracks are dead on in ‘Move Over‘. The track maintains the original integrity of the iconic song, and adds to it. The track is deeper, and Janis vocals seem to be stronger in the remix, as though she was right there in the studio with the band.These vocals are an alternative version of the one originally released. There is definitely more life in these vocals than in the original, and Apsylon plays beautifully with the dynamic songstress.

You can find a video and a downloadable copy of Apsylon’s remix of ‘Move Over’ by Janis Joplin on their Facebook Page and/or on their website, Apsylon.com.

I totally recommend you also chex out the rest of Apsylon’s music. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time SoundChex Nation!!


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