Welcome to Lorain County!!


You know it’s true; There’s no place like home…..

Especially when you find out that hometown folks are making great music that the entire nation is falling in love with! I want to introduce you all to Lorain County, a alternative rock group that hails from-my neck of the woods-Lorain County, Ohio!

The group is comprised of: Lead vocals-Greg Frey; Lead Guitar-Jeff Bitran; Rhythm Guitar-Matt Go4th; Drums-Matt Paris and Bass Guitar-Louis Ortega.

What I really love about this group is their sound. Many groups today are trying to re-invent that old school rock sound; and only a few are successful. Lorain County has actually captured the essence 90’s rock and made it fresh. Instrumentally, the group harmonizes perfectly. You would swear these guys have been playing for decades together. Each of their songs are pure energy. Lead vocalist Greg Frey never over powers the music and the entire band gives it to you each time. Even though they have released just three singles, they left nothing in the studio!

Their three current releases, Apostrophe, Shoes and Kalifornia, are all high energy rock songs with a 60’s groove. Each has the exact mix of rock and electro/hypnotic funk, that makes them potential hits.

I had the amazing opportunity to talk with them to find out a little bit more about the group, their music and what the future looks like for Lorain County. 


Greg Frey

   Is the entire band from Lorain County?

 Greg: No, just Matt Go4th and myself. When we moved to L.A., we added the rest of the group.

Why the move to L.A.?

Matt Go4th: We thought it would be more fun to get the band off the ground in L.A., where most of our musical influences have come from.

Greg: Yeah. When we got to L.A., it was different. It’s the opposite actually. There are tons of musicians out here, but there is also a lot of competition. So we just have to work through that. But anywhere you go, you are going to have obstacles.

It’s hard coming from a place where the music industry isn’t big, especially a small town. What advice would you give to other indie artists out there that are trying to achieve what you guys are doing?

Jeff: No matter what, never give up. Never stop doing what you love. It’s not about the money-it’s about the music. If it’s not about the music, just stop right now.

Why name the band after your home County?

Greg: Well, Matt Go4th and I were thinking of a name and it just sounded cool. And our friends liked it; so we kept it. [laughs]

Tell me about your music. What does Lorain County Sound like?

Greg: Well part of it was recorded in Jeff’s brother’s living room! That’s real indie right there! [laughs]

Louis: We also recorded in Swinghouse studios. It was awesome to record in a studio that groups like Aerosmith recorded in. Like, they had recorded a week before we did. It was awesome to see their name still on the board as having been there.

Jeff: I would say, if the 60’s and the 90’s had a baby-that would be us! [laughs]


Jeff Bitran

The song Apostrophe is one of my favorites. Who’s playing the lead guitar on that?

Matt Go4th: That’s Jeff Bitran. Yeah, he’s been playing for a long time. We have some awesome musicians in this group and we play well together.

Jeff, dude you are sick!

Jeff: Thanks. I just love to play and I love music. And when you love something, you do well at it.

Matt Go4th

Matt Go4th

The three songs that you have out, are they a part of an album?

Greg: No, it’s a demo. We are going into the studio next month to record a full album. The music video for Shoes was shot in Lorain, Ohio. It was awesome. Jeff Bitran directed and edited the whole thing. It was pretty awesome.

Louis Orteg

Louis Ortega

You guys have a great sound. Who are your musical inspirations?

Matt Go4th: Lorain is a Blue Collar city. My grandfather worked for the steel mill, My dad worked for the steel mill and I worked for the steel mill; so we listened to Ozzy and Led Zeplin. That’s what I grew up on.

Matt Paris: I like music from the 90’s-Sound Garden, groups like that. I like drummers with passion. That’s what I really like.

Jeff: It might sound crazy, but I like Neil Young, Southern Rock and Classical Rock.

Louis: I like groups from the 90’s, like Primus. I like artists that master their instruments.

Greg: I like the bands from the 90’s too-Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots-groups that have a strong stage presence. That’s what I’m about, stage presence and giving the audience a great show.

What do you want people to know about Lorain County?

Greg:  Come see us live! That’s where you will really get to see what kind of group we are. We want people to know that we give 160% every time we are on stage. We are high energy, we love our fans and we love music. We love to perform. And no matter what, we will always give our all.


I really like this group and I see nothing but big things in their future. Their first video, Shoes is up and rocking on Youtube. Chex it out here: Music Video

Also, chex out the group, Lorain County on their website: www.LorainCountyMusic.com. AND connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!


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